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About Tushe Sazan Aftab

TUSHE SAZAN AFTAB is an active trading company in the field of preparation, packaging and supplying various foodstuff. The group is well connected with reputable domestic and foreign companies by expanding its services and supply of standard and quality foodstuffs. Aftab Group of Companies entered the economy section with the aim of providing important food items (such as cereals, legumes, dates and customs clearance).

The company is able to use its capabilities and communications in the field of food, to provide various services and projects on a global scale.

Tushe Sazan Trading Company has always been an active and extensive presence in related markets and is able to obtain the satisfaction of its customers by relying on a suitable supply chain and skilled manpower.

The company, in food industry fields, has surpassed its competitors by providing updated engineering and specialized advice and technology to customers.

As other features of this group, using the latest software in the world to communicate with customers, range of products, specialized training of personnel and customer orientation.

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